DJI Drone Innovation: A New Application Case of EVA Luggage




In the past, the main method of carrying drones was to use traditional hard shell boxes or soft bags. However, these traditional ways of carrying have some drawbacks, such as heavy weight, large volume, and inconvenience in carrying. Therefore, DJI Company has decided to seek a brand new solution to enhance user experience and product added value.


The characteristics of EVA bags

EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) is a lightweight, soft material with good impact resistance and wear resistance. DJI Company has utilized this feature to design a customized EVA luggage for carrying its various drone products. This EVA luggage has the following characteristics:


Lightweight and sturdy: EVA material is lightweight yet very sturdy, effectively protecting the internal drone equipment from external impact and compression.


Internal customization: The luggage is designed with dedicated compartments and fixing devices to ensure the safe fixation of drones and accessories, avoiding movement and collision during transportation.


Easy to carry: The luggage features a portable design with comfortable handles and shoulder straps, allowing users to easily carry drone devices to outdoor activities.


Waterproof and dustproof: EVA material has certain waterproof and dustproof functions, which can protect drone equipment from external environmental influences.


Case application

A photographer needs to carry DJI's drone equipment to complex environments such as mountainous areas or forests for aerial photography when taking outdoor photos. Traditional carrying methods may pose a risk of damage to drone equipment or loss of accessories. After adopting our EVA luggage, photographers can more confidently carry drone equipment, which not only protects the safety of the equipment, but also improves work efficiency and aerial photography quality.



Through the innovative application of EVA bags, DJI Company provides a new carrying solution for drone users, enhancing product added value and user experience. This case not only demonstrates the importance of EVA bags in the field of drone technology, but also provides innovative ideas for carrying solutions for other enterprises in the industry.