Industry with the Most EVA Bags Used in 2024


EVA bags, as a lightweight and durable choice, have been widely used in various industries. Here are some industry and data descriptions:

Travel industry:

Airlines: In the aviation industry, EVA bags are one of the common luggage options. According to statistics, over 40% of passengers on international flights choose EVA bags as their luggage carrying method.

Travel agency: For travel agencies, EVA bags are one of their preferred recommendations for customers. About 60% of travel agencies prioritize EVA bags when recommending travel supplies.

Retail industry:

Department Store: Among major department stores, EVA luggage sales account for nearly 30% of the overall luggage sales.

Online retail platform: On online sales platforms, EVA bags are one of the most popular luggage choices, accounting for 25% of luggage sales.

Medical industry:

Medical equipment transportation: In the medical industry, EVA bags are often used for transporting and storing medical equipment, accounting for 35% of medical equipment storage containers.

Emergency services: More than 50% of emergency kits in the emergency service department use EVA bags as basic medical packaging containers.

Outdoor sports and leisure:

Camping and Hiking: In the field of outdoor sports, the lightweight nature of EVA material is highly sought after, with approximately 45% of campers and hikers choosing EVA bags as part of their equipment.

Sports equipment storage: About 30% of sports enthusiasts choose to use EVA material bags to store and protect their sports equipment.