News report: Dongsheng Luggage received an order of 100,000 pieces of EVA Cases from Vietnamese customers


On the global business stage, Dongsheng Luggage Company in Guangdong Province, China once again demonstrated its manufacturing strength. In March 2024, the company received a huge order from a Vietnamese customer. This order involves the production of 100,000 EVA Cases, causing a tense atmosphere within the company to work overtime for production.


News report: Dongsheng Luggage received an order of 100,000 pieces of EVA Cases from Vietnamese customers


It is reported that Dongsheng Luggage Company is a manufacturer specializing in the production of high-quality suitcases, backpacks and various customized packaging solutions. Their products are widely used in travel, outdoor sports, electronic product protection and other fields, and are deeply trusted by customers around the world.


This order from Vietnam is large-scale, with a quantity of up to 100,000 EVA Cases. It is an important cooperation project that the company has recently received. This means that Dongsheng Luggage needs to complete mass production in a very short time and deliver it to customers on time, which is a huge challenge for them.


Faced with this challenge, Dongsheng Luggage Company has taken a series of measures to ensure the smooth completion of orders. First, they implemented a comprehensive overtime system to keep the production line running to meet customer demand. Workers take the initiative to work overtime to ensure that production progress is not affected and orders are completed as soon as possible while ensuring quality.


In addition, the company has also mobilized more human resources and technical support to ensure the smooth progress of the production process. They have optimized the production process, improved production efficiency, and strictly controlled the quality of each link to ensure that the final product meets customer requirements.


With the gradual advancement of production, Dongsheng Luggage Company finally completed the production of 100,000 EVA Cases and shipped the goods to Vietnamese customers on time. This feat demonstrates the company's strength and professionalism in the manufacturing sector and has won high praise from customers.


For Dongsheng Luggage Company, the successful delivery of this order not only means business growth, but also affirmation of their technical strength and production capabilities. They will continue to work hard to provide customers with better products and services, continue to expand the international market, and make greater contributions to the development of China's manufacturing industry.